Little things: limes

Tonight, I had a beautiful cuba libre.

Okay, you caught me — I had TWO beautiful cuba libres.

The first one was with their “house pour” spiced rum, which I think was a Bacardi Gold of some kind (I didn’t see it, but this is my guess). It was beautiful.

The second one was with Mount Gay rum, at my request. It was even more beautiful.

Both were beautiful, the second more than the first. Both were beautiful because the bartender had put in 3 squeezed calamansi limes each time.

In a world where most bars don’t even know how to properly mix a cuba libre (no, it’s not just a rum and coke), and even if they do, they might toss in one pithy lime wedge, this just made my night.

Which, of course, is why I had two.

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