Dec 182008

I saw Lee Kolbert‘s Worldle Meme about 3 weeks ago, but am only NOW getting to it (and purely because I am procrastinating / avoiding work, I might add, as I have approximately 55 pieces of work staring me in the face to be assessed).  Her meme asked readers to:

  1. Create a Wordle from your blog’s RSS feed.
  2. Blog it and describe your reaction.  Any surprises?
  3. Tag others to do the same.
  4. Be sure to link back here and to where you were first tagged.

So, here is mine:

community, think, students: all good!

My reaction:  I like, I like!  I am not surprised to see “students” so BIG, as well as “think” and “community” – in fact I like this a lot.  I’m rather surprised, though, that “MYP” is so small.  However, this confirms what I was thinking recently when I felt that I should be blogging more about MYP, as so few people are (I recently discovered that many people discover my blog via Google searches with the terms “MYP asssessment” or “MYP reflection”).  So, this Wordle, with “MYP” being so small, is a good kick-in-the-pants for me to share more about my experiences and thoughts on this IBO programme.

Ok, the tags:

Happy Wordle-ing! :)

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Nov 242008

RSS buttonDear Subscriber,

I know there are only 3 or 4 of you, but I thought I should do the courteous thing anyway and let you know that I’m going to change my feed details soon.  Currently, my RSS feed (as provided by FeedBurner) is titled “Ms. Michetti’s Virtual Classroom” — which is what this blog used to be titled back in the day, i.e., before I figured out what the heck I was doing here and why.

It’s been several months now since I figured that out, and I’ve since changed my blog title, which you’ve no doubt noticed.  I therefore think it makes sense that I change my RSS feed address and title to more accurately match the blog title and URL.

And really – it’s easier to do now than it would be later, because hey, I only have 3 or 4 subscribers, right?  :)  So apologies, but the next post you get from me will likely be under a new feed subscription, so you will have to delete the old feed, come back to the original site, and subscribe anew.

Apologies in advance for messing up your RSS reader!


Ms. M

Image from burienundressed, licenced under CC 2.0

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