Apr 252013
Thoughts about mindsets

[Note: This has been cross-posted from my quotidian truth blog.]   I’ve been reading this book. And I’ve been thinking about it A LOT. I can really identify with having a fixed mindset when it comes to sports. I think I need to change this. I’m about 55% through the book (that reference was for […]

Jun 042012
Participatory and Relevant: Our Revised 1:1 Orientation

On Friday, the article which follows went out in the AIS Newsletter. I also cross-posted a version of it this morning on the AIS ICT and Learning blog. I wrote it in response to several who expressed concerns about our new Laptop Boot camp program. (FWIW, I’ll also state here that I’m not a fan of calling […]

Apr 302012
#beyondlaptops > us

I returned from Yokohama more than a week ago. (It’s been busy. Well, you know.) Since I returned, a lot has been said. Really, a LOT. But I haven’t said anything here yet, though I’ve spoken on other peoples’ blogs and in the Twitterverse. So, here goes. I’ve been a “recipient” of professional development ever […]