Oct 152012
<blockquote class=’posterous_medium_quote’>The problem isn’t that men are coming out to look for women. That women are waiting to be picked up. The problem’s that poor men and poor women are forced to leave their families to look for work far from home and their own people. The problem is we pretend we can suppress these natural urges and we refuse to talke about them with our domestic help. The problem’s that we leave our domestic help  so little time for leisure and for expression, they’re forced to seek it on the sly.</blockquote>

I liked this post. It’s honest and discusses something that most won’t or don’t want to discuss: Singapore’s sub-culture of foreign workers.

“Helpers are humans. They’re adults. We can’t treat them like half-grown children. In the same way we’re not going to let our daughters out into the wild wild world without “that conversation” its up to us to have “that talk” with the help. It’s up to us give back the responsibility for their sex lives to them.

Otherwise, we’re just going to wring our hands and dither. And the park around the corner will remain HookUp Hub.”

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  1. Thanks for sending my post around. I’m glad you liked it’s honesty.

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